Packing Fragile Items

While packing is tedious enough, planning how to pack those precious breakable items is another challenge all together. Having the right supplies and feeling confident in your packing will take some of the worry out when you hit a bump driving to your destination. Below are some tips to consider before packing up your valuables.

Be Overly Cautious

If you plan on putting a fragile object in a box, the most important trick is to secure the object so it can’t bounce around. Bubble wrapping an item and then stuffing a box with paper or foam peanuts will ensure the item does not roll around. You can put multiple objects in a box as long as they are properly covered and secure. It is best to be overly cautious, even if it means being excessive with bubble wrap.

It may surprise you, but most accidents actually happen while the boxes are being carried to and from the car, so carrying fragile objects with two hands and marking the box in bold lettering will alert movers or helpers to be careful. It is also a good idea to have a spot reserved for fragile boxes once inside. Moving often creates clutter, and it may be easy to trip over a box filled with fragile items if they are not put away.


Items should be individually wrapped in newspaper; if an item is particularly fragile, bubble wrap should be used. Use blank paper if you are worried the ink from newspaper will rub off. When packing tableware, place foam at the bottom of a box for extra support, and place heavier items in the box first, followed by lighter ones. A box should never be too heavy to lift and should be clearly marked and labeled.

Mirrors and Artwork

To secure mirrors and art work, tape a large “X” across the front on top of a layer of bubble wrap around the object. Foam or extra bubble wrap should be used on the corners to prevent bumps or scratches during the move. Once each rectangle is securely wrapped, you can tape together similar sized objects for added protection.

Securely packing your valuables will help ease your mind during the transportation stage. Being overly cautious is best when it comes to irreplaceable and fragile items. You may end up using more paper or spending more money on boxes or bubble wrap, but it is worth it to know that your valuables are safe and secure.

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