Pretty As A Picture Baby Shower Decorations

The baby shower decorations you choose can enhance your theme. Many elements go into creating the perfect baby shower, and baby shower decorations help create the mood of the baby shower theme.

Anything can be a decoration, so feel free to let your imagination go wild. Try these tips for baby shower decorations that help make your party a fun and fancy one.

Pink, blue, green or yellow don’t have to be the only colors of choice for baby shower decorations. These days, traditional colors are fading from favor and many people are turning to brighter colors or colors in fashionable style for the season.

Go for purple or green, and add a splash of something brighter, like a bright red. Anything goes with baby shower themes!

The perfect baby shower decorations are simple, and practical is even better. Try decorating your baby shower themes with items that do double-duty as decorations and party favors or gifts.

Unopened jars of baby food can be used as balloon anchors, then given to the expectant mom after the shower. You can create a mood with lightly scented candles as baby shower decorations, and give them as shower favors before guests go home.

Another idea is to decorate the guest-of-honor chair with a baby gift clothesline. Hang a clothesline up, attaching one end to the chair, and decorate the line with baby blankets, clothes, booties, bibs, hooded towels, and other baby necessities attached by colorful clothes pins. Suggest that guests bring an item for the baby clothesline, too.

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